Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More images from Tuesday night's editing sessions

Brooks holding forth.

Tyler holding forth.

Tina and Becca watch the happenings.

Ande looking pensive.

Anne and Tony enjoy a moment.

Neysa, Sergio, and Scott sit in Greg's room during the edits.

Brooks, Tony, Laura, Allegra, Michael, and Tyler.

The bearded one, Mark, shows off his Mardi Gras beads during the editing sessions.

Sergio assumes his usual position.

Allegra, Linda, David, and Neysa contemplate some of the day's work.

Tony being jovial.

Anna blows Bill a birthday kiss.

Doug is transfixed by the work he sees on the screen.

Greg shows off his trigger finger.

Bill enjoys some of his birthday cookies, anonymously left by his doorstep by a cookie admirer.

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